Thursday, May 05, 2005

Looking at stats and shaking my head...

Looking at the most frequently used search terms that folks used to surf here in the past several days I find:

BMW Z4 image - the most frequently used search to get to tangents for the past several weeks. I don't understand this one. I linked to a picture (I didn't post the picture), in an unconscious mutterings post in August of last year, and since then several different foreign language image search engines including Google Images in various languages, turn up my site when folks search for pics of that car. The hits for this have increased over the past couple of months.This is really weird to me. Can anyone explain?

Occam's Razor - second most frequently searched item over the past month turns up this post which included '"Ocham's Razor essentially states that all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually correct."' and links to various spellings. Occam's and Ockham's and Occham's are the most frequently used spellings. I hadn't seen it as "Ocham's" before the post that was referenced.

Firefox 1.03 not connecting, Firefox problems, Firefox - with or without various additional terms and this one has been popping up more frequently. To make it easy I thought I would link all my posts about Firefox in one spot:
1.02 to 1.03
pre-release version
1.00 official version upgrade
1.00 to 1.01
1.01 to 1.02

Go to the Firefox support forum, folks. Use the search feature there. And if you still can't fix whatever problem you are having after reading and trying the solutions, then post with a list of everything you have checked, your system and the problem. There are lots of people with exceptional knowledge hanging out there and some like me who have posted with and then solved a couple of little issues in configuring a particular system. I have even answered a few posts since joining. Connection problems aren't a Firefox bug or issue- the most common problems result from configuring firewall program access settings and ISP DNS problems (which are your ISP's problems, but there are solutions found in the support forum for those, too).

Others search terms used in the last few days include Santa Ana Winds and poetry, tangents, freeway shootings, and popping up more than once over time- "Stormwind" with variables looking for secrets and tips for the game; never played, don't know a thing about it, and I was around on the net before the city in the game was, I think...

That people would check out the blog from the various searches surprises me, except maybe the Firefox one (and "stormwind"). They say something- the searches and my surprise- but I haven't figured out just what...

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