Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Multicultural Survey: Help, please.

I have a paper due next week (Tuesday; for: Sociological and Cultural Factors in Counseling) and while I have interviewed a person directly, I would like to hear some other answers from other people. Please help me out- all genders, age groups, cultures, races, ethnic groups and countries (did I leave anyone or anything out? ;-) ) are welcome and encouraged. Email stormwind at gmail dot com (or you can use the comments if you prefer, as long as you understand they are on record for as long as the blog and/or Haloscan exists; There is a 10,000 character maximum per comment on my Haloscan account).

For anyone answering, please include a gender, country etc., and be assured even if I know your full name, it will not be used. Your identity will be protected. I am looking for more than yes or no answers, if possible, which will be sumarized and included in a few paragraphs towards the end of the paper. For those who take the time to answer the ten questions, thank you- very, very much.

1. What are your thoughts or feelings about "multiculturalism"?

2. Do you remember an experience, perhaps as a child, where you experienced feeling "different"?

3. What for you are some of the most important dimensions of diversity; e.g., what defines you better (e.g. culture, disability, age, gender, etc)?

4. Can you share an intercultural/interethnic experience that stands out for you as significant?

5. What is your cultural/ethnic identity? Has this changed over time?

6. Do you have available intragroup contacts or supports?

7. What are some memorable experiences living in _____ (Los Angeles, Sacramento, AnyCity, State, Country, etc.)?

8. Do you remember experiencing intergenerational conflict in your family?

9. Did you experience learning a second language? If so, how was it for you? How do you imagine it is for others today?

10. Do you recall experiencing bias or prejudice?

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