Monday, June 05, 2006

Life moves onward

The Good News is that I passed both parts of the comprehensive exam for my Master of Science in Counseling and the rehabilitation option.

I have a final exam tonight in an elective (intro to Disability Management) and one more course to take over the summer and I am done, done, done with all the degree requirements... I've a few months to decide if I want to try the marriage and family option.

More Good News is that we are in escrow on another unit in this same small condominium complex and will be closing before the end of the month. We will be staying near many neighbors that we have known for years and whose kids grew up with our son. As a bonus, it is on the quieter side of the complex, where the view of the mountains can be seen easily out the back windows- and an even bigger bonus is that there are no major repairs needed (as this place needs), in fact no repairs at all are needed.

We are busy packing (and sorting and throwing out so many things) and getting ready for the move, while the realtors, attorneys, escrow and lending folks get all the paperwork in order.

The bad news is that our landlord is angry that we aren't buying his place and is blustering around trying to insist that 29 days is 30 as he wants us out before the first. We have been turned into the bad guys in his mind.

And my aging cat is very sick again.... I don't think he will be coming out of it this time and probably won't make the move with us.

I am grateful for the extra time that I got to spend with him. Life moves onward.