Friday, May 20, 2005

Odds and Ends

This humorous item caught my eye while surfing blogs:
Blighty Blog: Solar Powered Chaos
Hundreds of angry motorists are lining the streets of Weston-super-Mare waiting for the sun to come out. This chaos has been caused by North Somerset Council's decision to install solar-powered ticket machines on the sea front. Since being installed they have only triggered into power once, last Friday, when the cloud thinned for a couple of minutes. Three drivers managed to buy a ticket and they are now stuck in the car park surrounded by an enormous traffic jam. Weston-super-Mare has ground to a halt. ...
Though the whole article was amusing to me, I especially liked the statement at the end:
On leaving the chaos this morning Blighty reflected upon the British spirit that resulted in hundreds of motorists queuing endlessly rather than attempting to park for nothing.


One of the ways my 'baby' (yes, I really do call him that to his face; one of my terms of endearment for him- and he actually seems to like it)  decided to celebrate his 21st birthday today was by leaving early this morning (with his girlfriend)  to see the new Star Wars movie. A few weeks ago he sent me this link.  Star Wars trailer.

I won't be anywhere near the movie for a long while. I really don't like lines and while I would love to see the movie, it will have to wait a while.

Note: If you haven't looked at my post about needing survey responses to ten questions on your feelings and experiences concerning multiculturalism, PLEASE, PLEASE do me a favor, read, and drop me line if you could- by Sunday. I really could use a little more input.

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