Thursday, May 19, 2005

CBS- age discrimination; removing one of my favorite dramas

I am fed up with the broadcast networks in more ways than one, but the headlines about CBS cancelling shows to improve their standing among the under 50 year old crowd angers me.
OF course, I like the shows that they cancelled. I knew about "JAG", but cancelling Judging Amy was a surprise. Though Amy- 40ish or 30 something juvenile judge, divorced mother of a just turned teen daughter- was the focus, Tyne Daly's character - an over 50 (probably over 60) social worker with a certain attitude-was a favorite of mine. I have also watched "Joan of Arcadia", and thought it was an entertaining show, though it was no longer on my regular list of shows I try to see.

I don't really get it. Folks in the 40+ age group have the most money to spend. The over 45 crowd might be sometimes slower at adopting certain new things, but slower does not equate to 'never change'. It means the advertisers might have to work a touch harder to get our attention and give us a reason to change or at least present clever and thoughtful advertisement that makes us want to try a new item. I think the stereotype of folks over a certain age as 'set in their ways' is at work here, among other things.

Age discrimination is something I am acutely aware of, but it hasn't been on my agenda for participation in any active efforts to change. I think perhaps it should be.

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