Monday, December 01, 2008

How many Mondays?

My mental meanderings on the drive home went something like this:

Was there anything about this day or in my head worth writing about? The very quick, almost automatic answer -- no, not really... ....

What made this day different from any other Monday?  last Monday? the first Monday of November? Monday a year ago? Do I remember Monday a year ago?

Or maybe the real question ought to be how did I want this day to be different? How did I want to feel about this day? Did I have any expectations?

I can't answer any of the questions, except with more questions. I don't remember the first Monday in December a year ago. I'm not sure I remember what happened Monday of last week or the one before that... except that Monday's do have a kind of flavor to them... and first Monday's of the month sort of have their own flavor too. There is a mixture of new beginnings and catch up.

How many days have I lived??     How many Mondays is that?? Since they are a finite quantity, shouldn't I be paying more attention?

How was yours?