Thursday, May 12, 2005

Red face: payback for posting political rants? ;-)

I woke Wednesday morning with my face feeling slightly sensitive and ever so slightly pink in a couple of patches. Throughout the day which included an impromptu round trip on the bus with one of my clients, I also had numerous occasions to use one of the pretty fold out fans (from my collection) that I carry with me for just such occasions. (Yes, I really do carry a fan and I do use it when the need arises.) The translated version of that is that I was flashing which added to the feeling that something was increasingly "wrong" with my face.

(today's fan and the hat I was wearing) Posted by Hello

By the time I arrived home this afternoon, my face was very noticeably reddened in various patches- nose, left side of chin, forehead, cheeks and my left ear. Washing with Basis soap and putting cream on was a mistake which was corrected by gently rewashing and digging out the colloidal oatmeal to apply. It feels better for a while, but soon feels very hot to the touch again. I know I have some contact allergies, but haven't had any trouble for a long time and never did nail down all the exact substances. I haven't used any new products so that leaves few clues for this episode. At least it isn't giant hives.

Argghh... This does mean Thursday is a no makeup day. Of course, I have an annual meeting in the morning for the caregivers and support people for one of my clients and then possibly a trip in the late afternoon to a company who is giving another of my clients a hard time about a payment the company lost. Maybe by then it will look sunburned. ;-)

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