Sunday, May 22, 2005

I am from...

Back in February, Andy of Older and Growing posted his offering from a project he found from Fred of Fragments from Floyd. Andy's piece was wonderful and touching and I was quite intrigued.

I started working on it from the template, and then kept remembering more and more things that kept the piece growing larger and longer... not poetry at all. I abandoned any steady work on it, but kept the word document on my desktop to nag me and from time to time would open it and rework a bit or two. I have a version that is shorter now, but still not in final form. I will try to post it in the next day or so- finished or not- shortened or not- poetic or not (this will be my counter and break to the other writing I need to do to finish this quarter's counseling class).

Just the exercise itself is valuable- post or no post- and I was amazed at the memories of childhood that sprang up while trying to find the just right things.

So go check out the history and format, and the creations of others who were successful. I was touched by them all. Each one is a treasure.

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