Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I shouldn't read the news...

US Koran Abuse

I am literally sick over this kind of thing. It makes my stomach tighten in a knot and I am angry; angry at the people in charge that they could be so blind and ethnocentric to allow this sort of thing to happen- to create a climate where this sort of thing is considered acceptable.

The longer all of this continues, the more of these kinds of abuses I expect to come to light. It saddens, sickens and makes me just angry with no where to put the anger to use.

I had more of a rant at COB...

There are many more horrible things in the news; more suicide attacks in Iraq, people killing other people at home, the Bushies working hard to turn the US into a money making machine for their cronies while damning the environment, and the needs and safety of future generations.

I keep trying to remember I can't fix all things, that I can only work on my little corner a little at a time. But while working on making my corner a better place, I have to figure out how to continue to work on a complete change in political climate in DC, even if all I can do is nibble on the fringes .


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