Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bits and trivia

Tuesday, I upgraded from Mozilla Firefox pre-release 1.0 to the official released 1.0 version and along with that added several extensions, including a Google Bar with all the bells and whistles and a "Blog This! button. There are a couple of things that the updated/upgraded one is doing that weren't occuring before, such as a link at the top of a page that is right clicked, goes off the screen with the options, including the 'open in a new tab' or 'open in a new window' choices. I can get around that in various ways, so no big deal. Whatever changes were made between when I downloaded the preview and downloaded the fully released version seem to slow it down just a little bit (but it could be Norton and not Firefox). But, overall, I am still very, very pleased with it.

Compared to MSIE, there is no contest. I would like a little more control over certain security aspects, but if you haven't tried it, you should.

My old version of Norton Internet Security expired in October, so I purchased the newest version of Norton Internet Security with NAV and Antispam. BIG mistake. It broke dozens of programs and/or gives me hassles with dozens of the rest, so it isn't worth it to me. It might be great for large companies or bigger machines than mine or something. I trust Symantec, but this product isn't for me. I am having trouble in setting up various parts of it. It recognizes me as "supervisor", but keeps telling me that I am not authorized to make changes (though it goes ahead and makes the changes at least on the screens that check status) and other error messages. It won't run an automatic nightly scan, and numerous other little glitches that suggest my downloaded copy from Symantec was not a good one. It also uses a huge amount of memory. I wrote to their tech support two days after I installed it. I am still waiting to hear from them. So I am going to download their shredder and ask for my money back. I want just NAV- a copy that works. I have other security software on the machine that can take care of the rest.

Final note of real trivia that has nothing to do with computer programs. I am a West Wing fan and was distressed at the seeming twists in the new season. I couldn't see a brand new person working in the role of the major character they were going to replace.

Tonight's episode made things all right. CJ is a good choice. I realized belatedly that it is in syndication all over the world including Australia and the UK. Since they are viewing or about to view, season 4 I think, I don't suppose I should spoil the things to come by talking about season 6. ;-)

added 05/05/05: If you are looking for more current information on Firefox, you will find a summary and link of every post I have made to date about the various versions of Firefox, any installation problems and my solutions; and within some of those posts are links to specific Firefox support forum threads. Firefox post list

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