Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I was impressed... Tim Wise on racism

If you have about an hour to spend or can download this and play it while driving somewhere, you might want to listen to Tim Wise and this mp3 (I saved/downloaded the page for later) of a speech given in 2003 about racism:

mp3 format, Speech by Tim Wise: a white Jewish fellow with a passionate style and persuasive argument to make that is still timely. In particular beyond the issues addressed are some interesting statements about our being in Iraq and before that Afghanistan and the hatred we are continuing to foster. He includes racism as a cause of the war.

Of course some of the same things that others say appear but also some fresh perspective from which to view this problem that doesn't appear to have vanished. There are points of view that I wish could be heard by the DC powers that be, and all those who feel racism in the United States is not really a problem any more.

He has an abandoned blog at A Word From the Wise where several articles and speeches (text and various formats) are listed and another website with more articles (text) at Tim Wise's ZNet HomePage

The mp3 speech was part of the class lecture tonight and animated discussions when we broke into smaller groups. Honestly, I want to hear it again and take sections to think about in a slower pace, as it raises issues that for me are sometimes problematic. Looking mostly white and feeling and being biracial poses problems that I have not entirely dealt with apparently.

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