Friday, May 06, 2005

NewScientist - May notes...

Perusing the free sections on New Scientist the Special Report on Nanotechnology is interesting and gives some food for thought.

There is an interactive graph that shows the relative size of a nanometre, and various pages on concerns and applications (now and hoped for) along with links to external sites with further information. A few pages are behind the paid subscriber shield.

When I got to the backpage where the short and sometimes weird notes are found (sort of like the Reuters odd news page) this bit seemed apropos with the British elections just over:
A bit hasty?

FINALLY, some slightly unfortunate phrasing from the BBC's online health news:

"Parliament must debate whether terminally ill patients should be given the right to die as early as possible after the election, peers said."

From issue 2498 of New Scientist magazine, 07 May 2005, page 76
hmmm.. hoping to add a few pounds to the National Health Service budget, are they? I suppose they expected those folks to vote for them first before removing themselves?

There are several items on the page that might cause a few smiles (though no giggles; and ok, I have a weird sense of humor sometimes), from an astrologer suing NASA, to downloading the entire internet, to speculation about a possible secret UK program that sends babies into space.

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