Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Driving concerns?

Another freeway shooting this afternoon brings the total to "12 in recent weeks".

NBC 4: Motorist's Tire Shot On Freeway Transition Road
KCBS 2: Shooting on Costa Mesa Freeway
ABC 7: Another Freeway Shooting
KCAL 9: Shooting on Costa Mesa Freeway
KTLA : Another Shooting Reported on Freeway

There are no new Los Angeles Times stories that I can find, nor any new reports in the Daily News. Maybe I am not looking in the right place.

The May 6 editorial in the Daily News suggests the same thing I did in another post; the broadcast news is hyping this quite a bit and the incidence of these kinds of shootings are in fact fewer (or were) than in previous years.
(Daily News May 6, Editorial)

I don't feel any better; in fact, now that the number is up to "about a dozen", I feel more apprehensive, though Jay Leno's jokes about it tonight were pretty funny (Sorry, none of them are online yet) and that does a bit to defuse things.

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