Monday, May 09, 2005

Social brain

On most days, I score really well on logic puzzles and statements. I am not bragging; it is what it is and doesn't indicate anything about anything really except that one ability which sometimes kicks in and as evidenced today- sometimes doesn't.

In a simple little test to illustrate a point within a post at The Loom ("Cheating on the Brain"), I scored as the majority of folks do.

By writing that little bit, I will possibly change your results if you are heading over to check it out. Read the whole; it is fascinating about what parts of the brain engage with what sort of problem and the speculation about why. (The comments in the discussion after the post are interesting too, from all sorts of standpoints ;-) )

The full text of the research article he is writing about is also available in HTML: "Human Brain Mapping". It also makes interesting reading (You can read only the abstract if you prefer or jump to the various sections from the links on the left of the page).

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