Sunday, September 19, 2004


A few mentions from wandering my blogroll:

I posted about a new blog find a few days ago- Watermark- Friday's post about Cats and Politics can be found there (also posted about on Corner).

I added a couple of other new finds or new blogs to the blogrolling links and also to Bloglines and forgot to mention them: Exploring Counseling which may prove to be an interesting read and Wish jar journal which I explored long enough to want to read a little more and also to find out that she is very recently married (new husband has a blog too but I forgot to note it).

A few interesting posts from some favorites that have been in my list a while: Chris at Parking Lot posted about an interesting group photography project: Impossible Sky.

I Speak of Dreams notes that certain kinds of bookmarks are illegal weapons!

Space Tramp is playing with a color wheel that shows tetrads.

Minding the Planet notes a story I read in the various news sites I frequent about Kryptonite U-Locks for bikes being easy to pick. The story I read said they were probably going to be recalled as that was cheaper than making good on their guarantee of replacing stolen bikes.

Conscious Living Poetry has some Chicago poems, but I liked Saturday's happiness haiku even better.

There are more, but until I figure out how to do the expandable post bit (I did read about that in blogger news), I will leave this as is for now. Maybe there will be more later when I wake up. I still have all the blogs in Bloglines that aren't in the sidebar to wander through if there is time.

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