Monday, September 20, 2004

Testing Qumana

Testing Qumana: first post; no real content, just testing

Wirearchy: It's Official

Later edit through Blogger. I had a title before publishing from Qumana, but it didn't publish it in the title bar. It does show in the html, but now Blogger says the tag is "not allowed". I guess I might check how that is supposed to be configured in Blogger. I am really used to using right click for a variety of adjustments which isn't possible. Editing the html is a little difficult, but I haven't tested everything yet. I didn't check the html before posting and should have. The spacing is a little hinky, but that is likely my fault. It shows up fine in the Qumana WYSIWYG editor, but not on the blog. I see the various div and & nbsp so I am now eliminating a couple of those. I don't want the font changing each time, so I need to figure out that aspect of things. What really interested me and made me finally decide to download and try this is the whole concept of the drop pad, so sometime later that will be the real test. I really like that idea and it is still useful even if I don't like the way it posts from the application.

Classes start Thursday and I need to work again starting next week, so I don't know how much time I will have to play. Of course, I always manage to find a little time to play and blog. ;-)

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