Monday, September 13, 2004

Dulled Mind

I haven't written anything resembling decent in months. I did always intend to use this blog for the more personal items, daily things, wanderings and where they might take me in thought. But I was writing semi decent, even sometimes thoughtful things on occasion.

There is something about my activities and emotional state in the last several months and summer in general in Los Angeles, that has dulled my mind. My classes were not stimulating, though they were interesting and challenging for the most part- or two of them were anyway.

I read the blogs of others when I have the energy to think, nod my head in agreement, understanding or shake my head in amazement, but my own tangents from their thoughts don't come in any coherent form. I don't seem to be able to add much to the discussion or even the search for me. I haven't even managed to attempt a creative project of any sort for months and months.

Maybe if late Autumn with the temperatures in the fifties to low seventies ever gets here, I will find more mental energy. Fall is always a better time for me than late summer. Then again maybe what I need is an entire change of mental focus, varied locations and less time alone... Or more likely-- maybe all of the above...

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