Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ramblings after 2AM

It is late and I am not asleep- again. There are too many things swirling around my head that I could do without thinking about at this moment. But there they are. And here I am. It is more of an effort to shut it all off tonight- as it has been for many recent nights.

The wind is blowing, rattling the blinds and tinkling the wind chimes. I can hear it blowing in the trees outside, increasing and then decreasing in strength. The exterior and roof of the house occasionally makes creaking noises. It had turned a chilly, perfect temperature, but the wind seems to have warmed it up a tiny bit. Although I never know for sure what the temperature of anything actually is any longer. The windows are open, as I almost never shut them. I feel too confined and imprisoned when I do. The cool breeze seeping in feels good on my skin, but it won't help me sleep tonight.

It has felt like true autumn for the past few days. But it will warm up at least once or twice more before autumn really sets in. The Santa Ana's will blow in from the desert. And I will find a reason to smile in the wind of daylight.

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