Friday, September 10, 2004

Maybe I see why...

When I linked the paper airplane instructions, in the previous post, and noted that it was listed in a "Windows Secrets" newsletter, I actually was a bit puzzled about why it was included. All sorts of things turn up in that newsletter (which by the way, is often critical of Microsoft), but they are always related to Windows and/or Microsoft.

I was trying to create the airplane and while I think I know where they are going, the instructions seem very difficult to follow. Did anyone else try it? Did anyone else have any difficulty following the instructions?

Later update: I did get the thing constructed, but not before the husband of the house got involved, tried to fold one of his own, and then gave up in frustration. The thing flies in a short straight line (after which it drops like a stone), but I am not that impressed. I can't say if the problems were due to me and my interpretation of the instructions or the composition of the instructions and design.

I do see some interesting, possibly connected themes though.

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