Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Birthday countdown

Victoria's Secret sent me a birthday card and a ten dollar off card to use. Not bad. Of course, they don't have anything that costs ten dollars so it's an incentive to get me to spend money.

I haven't seen my annual AARP invite. I suspect that will be coming shortly.

I did see the SSA statement.. dismal.

But at least my birthday is on a Sunday and someone else will take care of the laundry, so I can go out and play somewhere.. Maybe I will start early, beat the crowds at the mall (I tend to dislike huge malls; I wish for little shops on the street, where people recognize regular customers and parking isn't an exercise in patience) and then go into Angeles Forest.. daypack with a little food and water, a sketchbook, or maybe with a camera I have been itching to purchase and some new boots.

4 days and a wakeup.

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