Wednesday, September 01, 2004

How very strange and...

When I checked this page in my browser, May came up instead of August and no archives were listed beyond May 2004. I reloaded the page and got the same result. Using what should have been the August archive address, gave me those posts, but clicking the link to current posts sent me right back to May! Checking around, I see that a few other people on Blogspot might also be having the same trouble.. or else it is something in the way my browser is loading pages! I republished the entire blog and it seems to be ok now.

As a little side note, my finals went ok. I have one presentation to go, some paperwork to turn in to my advisor, and I will be finished... with the quarter and with this degree!!!!!!!!
... Then on to a well deserved three weeks off, where I can attempt to clean and put some order back in my surroundings, before life gets even more hectic with a job and classes for the next degree.

Oh, and I definitely intend to spend a little time doing some things that are just for me.

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