Sunday, January 18, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings.

I like this little game of weekly word associations. The instructions say that there are no rules- words, phrases, paragraphs- whatever the words bring to mind for you is all that is important. I also sent in a list of a few words that I thought would be interesting to see the results from, but I didn't give it a lot of heavy thought- just tossed off a few that I thought would be interesting but simple.

If you want to play- go to Unconscious Mutterings and copy the list (or you can post in my comments- it doesn't require a blog post to play- the nice thing about no rules).

Here are mine for the week:

  1. Berry:: strawberry- juicy, sweet or sweetened; also blue, black and raspberries; lip stain/gloss/balm and kissable.
  2. Fiendish:: plot, plan, agenda that deceives.
  3. Bar:: barrier; sometimes necessary, often only imagined.
  4. Frank:: honest; often used as a preface to other words to signify that one will not like the next thing one hears.
  5. Bend:: willow and other trees in the wind; lessons the wind and trees taught me.
  6. Fanatic:: rigid beliefs but also one track mind.
  7. Belch:: excuse me.
  8. Flagrant:: huge violation done intentionally. There ought to be a category for this in Hockey, as in flagrant illegal checking.
  9. Burden:: the expectations of some taken onto self unwillingly
  10. Flimsy:: excuse.. but also fluttering light as a feather fabric draped as scarf or worn as a body covering which isn't; which leads to flirtatious which leads to...

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