Monday, January 12, 2004

Email spam. Any suggestions?

I have seen a sudden upsurge in mail spam in my private personal and my blog and newsletter correspondence mailbox.. I think that in part it is in the fact that my email is listed in the source code for the comments.. Any thoughts on that? I can't take it out, if I want to get updates on the software and notification of the comments that people leave... but leaving it in gives a distinct advantage to bots searching for webmail addresses.. I can cut about half of them by using a filter to sort to the trash bin certain sorts of the usual terms like viagra, mortage rates, nigeria, and other related things.

The spammers have gotten quite tricky with their strange html setups that hide links that are set up with strange words inside html tags.. the tags themselves are gibberish.. but the filters don't catch those words.. and some might actually be included in certain legitimate email I would like to receive or signed up to recieve..
Any suggestions??

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