Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sunday perusing.

There are already several posts for today, so I think that this one will be the sort of linkblog entry of things that I come across in between laundry loads. I will edit and add as the day progresses, if I can.

This- Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women- Columns: Voice Lessons, by Anne Kelly-Edmunds -is thought provoking. From its conclusion: "So, now, I wonder how accurate my voice is today. I am fifty-four years old. I have seen a lot of life; I have faced its challenges. I have lived a lot of life with its loves and losses. Do I speak my truth? Do I live my truth? These questions stay with me as I seek to do so."

I liked this from The Obvious : "May my fuckedness grease the wheels for future lack of fuckedness to come" which was linked to where I found this quoted from a post at BarlowFriendz: "Among the beliefs that he and I shared was a conviction that making public the intimately personal is a revolutionary act in an atomized society where many feel compelled to play so close to the chest that they can't read their own cards. Being emotionally naked before strangers extends to them a permission for self-revelation they badly need if they are to loosen the shackles of their own quiet desperations. It is a blow against the pursuit of loneliness.".

These folks are surely creating "a context in which other people can think".
(Edwin Schlossberg)

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