Thursday, January 29, 2004

Nourish soul.

While googling "nourish soul", I came across someone who had used my Monday question in a newsletter (quite some time ago) and posted the responses. Also found in the google search was Amura, a site that looked interesting for its soothing qualities and eastern leaning teachings, and from there wound up at Yin Yang prints from which is an interesting site to wander all by itself for the pleasure factor.

Nourishing one's soul, means different things to different people. I liked this definition of what is nourishing to the soul from Amura: "The things that make you feel whole, alive, and one with the universe (or God)". I am not sure that "one with the universe" feeling is always attainable, or at least not for me. But each of the activities that feel like nourishment to me are things that connect the whole of me to something larger, even if only in small ways. Sometimes it is only a phrase in a book or words in a blog; Sometimes it is standing silent taking in the beauty of sunset; Sometimes it is standing in the wind and really feeling all of its touch.

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