Sunday, January 25, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings Week 51

Unconscious Mutterings
"I say and you think:"
  1. Political:: Campaign. Bush gone.
  2. Concentration:: Intense. Frequently followed by interuption.
  3. Fish:: Baked, fried, eaten. Pets: tropical. Not in a long time: with a pole.
  4. Lunacy:: Seldom. Craziness is something else.
  5. Red:: Mother's favorite color. Valentines Day, also the day she died. hmmm never thought about that combination before.
  6. Imply:: Everything between the lines; Sometimes keeps company with assume, which has its own problems.
  7. Recognize:: Acknowledge presence as in beauty, gratitude, joy.
  8. Sexist:: Difficult to eliminate. Know more than a few.
  9. Commercial:: For profit. Advertising everywhere.
  10. Stricken:: Seldom ill. Often by awe.

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