Saturday, January 03, 2004

One day left.

My mini vacation is over on Monday. I still don't have an internship. I don't have my books for the quarter and I don't have a clue how this next schedule will be. I do know what classes and when I have to be at those. I have played, rested, goofed off and generally avoided thinking about anything or doing anything too serious... as is evidenced by the recent entries. *grin*

I ran across this word association game the other day and signed up for the email notification. It might be interesting and I would definitely be interested in the associations that others come up with.

  1. Vintage:: wine.
  2. Longing:: for a soul mate... does such a person even really exist?
  3. Specimen:: fine.
  4. Mock:: trial.
  5. Shit:: happens.
  6. Friday:: Friday's child is loving and giving.
  7. Cruel:: what we sometimes settle for before we know better.
  8. Insufficient:: fun, love, joy.... oh, yeah, that's something we create or choose for ourselves too
  9. Pessimistic:: husband.
  10. Grin:: did you?

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