Thursday, January 29, 2004

Positive psychology...

Where happiness lies.

Authentic There are various tests that are meant to be used with the book..

I can't type toningt.. sleep beckons.. desperately needed... more later.

Edit: For some reason, I felt the need to post the above long after I should have been sleeping. Added content this morning below:

I have had the Authentic Happiness link up since the beginning at Corner, and I had discovered Seligman before my textbooks began to mention him. There are numerous questionnaires/indicators on the site which can be used without the book to give a general indication of how one feels in relation to other people who have taken the test. The VIA Signature Strengths survey is located at the top of the page on the left corner.

The site is set up such, that clicking on the wide blue bar with the test name will give you the test, while each one of the links in the paragraph below the questionnaire name goes to a book review.

They are self surveys, which give you indications of how you are feeling this moment in time. They are not indications of how you will feel later but can be useful if you are honest with your answers, to give you an indication of what areas might be giving you a spot of difficulty. There are NO right ways to live and NO right ways of coping. There are just individuals. Some skills that can be learned are more useful for some than others.

Seligman's views happen to fit with a few of my own views. I do believe that often if we change how we think- how we frame the views, what we say to ourselves - about something, we can alter feelings about it.

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