Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I spoke to my contact at the foundation and it appears that two directors are interested, so I am now waiting only for a date for an orientation and observation day.
There are also possibilities for future internships that will involve more of the vocational rehab aspects of things, so that is encouraging too. I am quite pleased.

A great deal about how one may feel about things has to do with the attitudes of the people one surrounds oneself with or the people one is surrounded by. The attitude of my contact there is positive and upbeat along with very supportive and encouraging. She makes it easy to be enthused about this internship. I only hope that the staff I will be working with will also make things as easy. I can certainly find my own attitude to face the world with, and I do have my own focus for things and usual positive attitude that is mine for the world, but the people one comes in direct contact with, can make all aspects of life and work so much easier and happier. It can make a huge difference.

Especially in new situations, most people are more concerned with what they see from you about themselves and what you are thinking about them, rather than making all sorts of judgments about their impressions of you. I try to remember that when dealing with new people - especially when I am in the helping or supervisory mode, but it is really nice to have it returned--
Come to think of it, it is nice to have it returned in all areas of life. And I have had more than one example of that lately.
Thank you.

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