Monday, January 05, 2004

And the race begins again.

Today was back to classes for me. It was as crowded in the parking lots as I have seen it in a long time. The only spaces were at the furthest edge in one of the main ones. After dark that is a long hike with dim street lamps. As a cost cutting measure the lots are not that well lit- the result of that are assault incidents that get reported in the campus newspaper now and then. A situational hyper-awareness takes over and keys stuck in my fist like brass knuckles is the way I walk to my car. It is not a very relaxing end to any day.

Today's class was Foundations of Special Education. It looks to be interesting and not too demanding though it will run the full three and a half hours. It will be late when I go home. Tomorrow is a seminar type class for Rehabilitation Services and Wednesday is a Laws relating to Child and Family Welfare class along with a one time only meeting with the advisor for the field work. The rest of my work this quarter is the field work/internship.

I did meet a man from Goodwill Industries today (in my advisor's office) and am supposed to call him tomorrow about an internship. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I called several places this morning and either got a "too many interns already" answer or I had to leave a message on a voice mail system. No one called me back by the time I left for campus. That was not a good way to start the day or quarter, but I decided that I would throw myself on the mercy of my program advisor. I already knew it would be tough to find one at the last minute. He said I was way behind- that it was crunch time for an internship.. because I have to "do" 120 hours in the ten weeks. He said I would have to start on finding the one for next quarter within five weeks- if this one that I don't yet have, didn't last beyond the ten weeks...

It is all do-able. I refuse to let self imposed stress take over. It will all work out the way it works out. Any worrying about it won't make the pieces fall into place any quicker.
To sleep now, so I can do it again tomorrow.

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