Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Little updates.

The internship observation day went well. I am still processing the experiences, but everything was positive in nature. Getting up at 6AM and being on my feet for more than half the time at the school, takes its toll on this boomer gen body. Since my class this evening was cancelled, I can't exactly imagine what tomorrow's long day will be like as it will start at the same hour and be fairly non-stop until I get home after 9PM.
On another note: I mentioned a couple of days ago that it would be nice to see the blogroll as points on a map of the planet.. And there IS a way to do that if everyone in my frequent read blogroll list had geo tags in their blogs.
Anyway- Mikel at Brain Off posted the link in my comments to put the blogroll list in one of his WorldKit maps.

See WorldKit Geo Roll.

Actually there is a whole page of things, examples and applications of his program at the link in this sentence.
Cool stuff.
I will have to put a geo url tag on the side of the blog or below- maybe it will stir a little interest. It isn't my exact pinpointed location on the planet- rather within a half dozen zipcode zones, give or take.

LA county is a big place- something like 4000+ square miles.

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