Friday, January 09, 2004

Internship.. maybe.

The Goodwill headquarters never returned my calls to them. But I may have finally found an internship today. I have an appointment with a small foundation on Monday morning. It is close by, less than a 15 minute drive I think. The telephone conversation was very positive, and we talked for quite some time. It is not the situation that I was hoping for, nor is it working with the population that I wanted, but it will give me an exposure to a great number of people with differing needs and requirements- primarily with developmental disabilities.

The foundation will still probably be surprised by my age when I walk in I think, but it will be fine as I usually do ok in a face to face situation. They always need help per the nice woman I talked to, are quite willing to take on volunteers without any specific to the field experience, and I need a place to begin. The more she talked and I thought about it, the better I felt about it being a good beginning place. Since it is so close (and assuming that there are no problems discovered on Monday), I should be able to add some extra time to make up for the lost week and being 12 hours behind. Their hours end prior to when I need to leave for campus so there are no class conflicts, and I ought to be able to still find a whole day alone at home -which is something I had hoped for.

So I am feeling very positive about it all working out. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you think about it on Monday.

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