Sunday, September 28, 2003


A regular sort of Sunday has evolved, with the usual laundry and a tiny taste of studying.

The assignment (to outline the first chapter of one of the texts) for the Sociology Writing Class is completed. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know before, although it was interesting to see someone else note that extreme structure in pre-work, in particular- formally, rigidly outlining the draft before writing it- can stifle creativity. I think this is a matter of individual thought processes, of brain organization, even though a great number of English professors seem to insist it is the only way to write effectively. I have always thought they were wrong. Seldom (or maybe never) is something the only effective way for everyone.

I have difficulty writing a rigid outline prior to writing a first draft of a paper. I do frequently use rough outlines that are combinations of notes, thoughts and phrases and sometimes look like a partial outline. They are usually a bit messy for someone else to follow, though they seem linear to me.

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