Tuesday, September 30, 2003

So very tired

I am sitting here on campus, having completed any studying and assignments I can do while I am here, and am slowly fading. I thought I had some caffeine tablets with me, but I don't. Yes, I usually prefer to get my coffee in pill form as the only kind of coffee I actually like these days is something called a "Vanilla Freeze" that I don't know the composition of and can't find on this campus.

It was a powdered mix to which was added a shot of expresso, crushed ice, possibly one other ingredient, and then the whole thing blended, topped with whipped cream and a touch of chocolate syrup. Rich? Yes. Yummy? Yes. And the zing it gave when I took econ late in the day was wonderful. That is what I need this moment to simply get through until 4:20PM. The class won't be over until 8PM.

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