Saturday, September 20, 2003

so very late.. and not to sleep yet

So many good blogs.. I am on a roll.. good one to good one to good one to.... I have them listed all over the place, but mostly in unedited..

but it is 3AM and I must get some sleep. Tomorrow and the chores to be done, along with the fact that it is a family birthday that should be celebrated, will make me regret a bit this late hour when morning comes too early.

I want to share the things I found. I want to spend more time thinking about the new tangents these folks have provoked. I want to thank them with appropriate mention. I need to sleep- it overrides everything.

I am wishing for wind to feel and release thoughts in... and time to meditate on top of a windy hill.. I am restless for a variety of reasons. I am wishing for the ability to suspend time for just a little while to think about the things I want to think about.. and then to empty my mind of all of them..... and as long as I am wishing for things that aren't possible, I might as well wish to be Samantha from Bewitched in order to twitch my nose and finish all the mundane of the weekend without effort and quickly.

sleep is necessary now.

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