Saturday, September 27, 2003

This was an average Saturday, with chores, weekly restocking and the usual this and that. I didn't study, being out of the habit a bit. I will have to get into some sort of a routine or the ten week quarter will overwhelm me. I do have an assignment due for the soc writing class on Tuesday and of course reading.

I prefer living life as unscripted as possible, but none of the chore type stuff gets done until it absolutely must be when I leave everything unscheduled and unscripted, so the compromise is to have routines for a limited few crucial items that are required to make life flow easier the rest of the time. Laundry and weekly restocking are the crucial things and the ones most rigidly scheduled. The kitchen and studying come next, then everything else gets slotted into whatever time is left, usually as a 'catch as catch can' activity. Everyone does their own space, the guys also have to do "their" bathrooms and household trash removal, but I get left responsible for all the rest. I have to admit that vacuuming and dusting are low priorities, not because I don't like having them done, but because I dislike doing them.

on an entirely different note:
I found that the Clark- Leadership for America site with its National Conversation has been disbanded, but a group of the regular posters has created their own board for continuing conversations about policy, leadership and issues affecting the United States. This group were probably all interested in Clark, but there were folks from various political stripes participating previously. I am hoping the level of conversation remains the same. Intelligent, rational online conversation with a large group, that can disagree without flaming or being moderated to death, is difficult to find.

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