Friday, September 12, 2003

Friday night late

All the good stuff went to Corner of Babble. It was a day of both laziness and some activity. In between I was on the internet of course.

I did stumble across a blog with content that made me want to read the archives to see what was said, so I have a promise to myself to go back later:
yeah whatever, by Dr Zen:
"Sometimes I find myself talking, talking. I'm playing out the role I have: my job, being a husband, a father. And I'm realizing that I have no desire to continue the talking that I'm doing. I feel helpless and utterly lonesome.
What do we do when the words are speaking us? "

I am not sure if I understand the author, but the words resonate on some level. I know the feeling of being the role, of being the persona instead of being a whole of many parts and simply showing the persona. And in those moments it is the persona that talks and because it is not all of us, but only part, and only one dimension- "the words are speaking us".... We know them by rote as if they were a character in a play. And no one seems to notice because they have their own expectations of how we will speak and how we will act and who we are.

The "cure" to the loneliness of that, is to remember that we are not the role, the role is only a part of a whole and we need to "be" fully in the moment. But someone named Dr Zen surely must know about being in the moment.

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