Thursday, September 11, 2003


oh.. I forgot one thing- and I posted this on babble too...

Lengthy memorials for 9-11 should not be splashed all over the television year after year. Enough is enough. No one is likely to forget. It isn't necessary for the broadcast media to replay every detail and cover every annual memorial giving close-ups of those who are still grieving the most. I acknowledge their grief and pain, I have some residual shock of my own about that day. But it is our strength we should be working on displaying. A national moment of silence or something along those lines, would allow everyone who desired to participate, the ability to do so. Silence says so much more than words at times.

I would argue that a long grief filled *annual* memorial where people tell and relive their personal pain over and over while being watched by strangers all across the country and the world, is not healthy for those who participate nor those who watch, not beneficial for society at large and not good for our image elsewhere to those who proclaim themselves our enemy.

The only people this kind of public broadcast obsession benefits is politicians who get to trot out their ability to display compassion and the recruiters for the various groups lined up trying to harm us.

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