Friday, September 19, 2003

Alone this evening

The guys are at the local HS football game tonight. Both have been watching some of the practices through the week. I wonder how it feels for the former starting HS quarterback to be in the stands? I guess he is used to it as this is the second year out of HS. He doesn't comment on that aspect, only on the coaches doing the same thing to the current quarterback (who he thinks is doing really well in his second year on varsity) that they did to him. The consensus is that the coach (who is a former quarterback of the same school) doesn't want his records broken.

B'day tomorrow and I don't have a gift, but will have a card in a bit and the cake is in the kitchen.

The computer is making noises that I fear are the hard drive. I backed up important info and am keeping my fingers crossed. It is only one year old but just now out of warranty! Stupid of me not to take out the extra warranty from Dell. They were calling me in the middle of the accident recovery stuff and I asked them to call back. I wish they had reminded me of how close the warranty period was to expiration.

I still haven't worked on the old one. I meant to...

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