Tuesday, September 16, 2003

It was a day

As day's go it was ok and not. If I had to list it in a plus or minus column, it would go in the middle.

I did some telephoning and sorting of the medical bills from the boy's motorcycle accident and followed up with his union to make sure that payment and paperwork things are in progress, that various people had the right info, since legally he is responsible for himself- and tossed that ball back into the air for a couple of weeks. The only thing left to make certain is what percentage his insurance covers and also to be certain that the physical therapy is covered. For that, I will need to pour through a huge manual of coverage.

I found my financial aid stuff that should have been returned to CSU at the latest 3 weeks ago. Arrrrgggghhhhhh... I need that money for tuition and books- especially with the fee increases! (a hefty 39% increase!!).

Now it is in question and I have to call them, but of course I am not sure if I can reach anyone yet. I am hoping that the family emergency will give me some extra wiggle room on the paperwork since it was just a sig and not the original application.

In addition, I somehow didn't get the automatic grant from the state. I think maybe I didn't fill out new paperwork when I should have for that either. I DO have the federal paperwork filed, and that is the only thing CSU should be disbursing, so I should be ok even missing the signed stuff on the loan. However, they never sent me a loan check for summer, nor the state aid and I am wondering if that all got eaten up with fees?

It is top of the list tomorrow...

Since my mom was on my mind yesterday, she was on my mind again today as it is officially her birthday. Not so sad really, just a little touch of nostalgia.

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