Sunday, September 14, 2003

The Mostly Mundane

Activities and thoughts midday (02:57:08 PM):
Son is learning the art of routine weekly auto maintenance and needed/wanted his Dad to assist in air/oil check etc. Autos are different than motorcycles and he doesn't have a "jeff" for the car. He is still unsure about all the routine stuff.

Printer fixed- it needed cartridges even though old ones were showing at half full. I am glad I ordered them and glad it was that simple.

Laundry in progress- everyone's, everything.

And I will lose computer for a while this afternoon while son types paper for class.
I hate sharing my computer. I wish he had let me purchase one for him earlier in the year instead of waiting until December.

So everything of a household chore nature is finished (or at least as much as I am doing today/tonight) and everyone is quiet upstairs, sleeping I presume. The paper got typed. I helped to format it a bit so I got to read it. Not bad. He knows what he doesn't like about corporate chains, but he is a bit vague on all the reasons why- even to himself. The night has cooled off. It is quite pleasant out.

The cable TV keeps going in and out. It has been that way all day. Calling the provider gets a message that they are having "problems in my area". I wonder if I had a cable internet connection if I would be without at this moment or if their problems are simply on the one system. They offer digital telephone, digital television, cable television and high speed internet. What if I was without all of it this moment? Maybe I would go out to look at the sky and enjoy the night air. Nah... I would be freaking out, because I am out of books to read and the night air and sky only interest me for a little while when I am all alone.

I owe several snail mail letters. I have a thank you note that is seriously overdue. I did send an email at the time. I can't find ink cartridges anywhere for my fountain pen and the old stuff is dried up. I should have just written it in regular ink. Now, in addition, I owe a letter to the guy who was in my program at CSU, who doesn't have a telephone or internet except when he is on campus.

He sent me the last issue of the campus newspaper and three papers he wrote. They were good, solid work- not extraordinary, but better than most. I had some questions about the location of his soc study though. I wondered what effect, if any, the location had on the behavior. I know he believes it to all be public- no distinction. But my question was curiosity about different public areas possibly affecting the appearance management behavior. Somehow it seems like places of departure might be different than say the street, or a restaurant or a park or even possibly the distinction between departure, in route and arrival might show different results. I found it interesting that he had to stop at least one observation when the "observee" noticed him and- he thought she thought -he might be flirting with her.

I owe him at least coffee too, for mailing me class notes just before the midterm this summer when I missed class due to my son's motorcycle accident. I have to figure out how to coordinate our schedules when the fall term begins.

I am tired. I think I will call it a day. I hope I can find energy tomorrow for everything I would like to do.

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