Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The day flew, where are the visible results?

2:03AM posted on unedited: Why am I up reading and not asleep? Note to self, sunrise is only a few hours away. I also made a note to check The SAK Spectrum. I haven't been paying attention the way I should be. We need to find a few more people.

8:44 AM posted on unedited:
I love getting text messages, but folks in different time zones forget that we are GMT -8 here. I was asleep but the cell wakes me. It doesn't really matter since at about the same time, the new neighbors decided to either accidentally trigger their car alarm or honk their car horn repeatedly as well as shout at each other about leaving. Ok, I am pretty much fully awake now.

That described the start to my day around 8AM. But the rest of the day went ok. I decided to cancel the doctors appointment and reschedule when I can have a complete annual physical. I still need to make an eye exam appointment - actually two.

I did a teeny tiny bit more work on my room, but not really much to notice. I did some things that needed doing around the house. I hate cleaning up after everyone else, but someone has to do it. I also watched the season opener of Enterprise tonight. It was ok. T'Pol has a new wardrobe. I love sci fi - both space and fantasy stuff. I like it even when it isn't all that good (for instance Charmed). I am still watching reruns of Highlander even though I remember every episode by now. Speaking of fantasy stuff- where did the reruns of Forever Knight go? I haven't seen that in a long time.

I am feeling very lazy at this point today, so I am going to update corner of babble pretty much directly from the unedited page.. maybe even a straight copy and paste. Maybe I will even go to sleep early tonight.
yeah, right.

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