Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Planning and information seeking for an additional goal

Tuesday night is my night on campus (one lecture class and one seminar), so I took advantage of the opportunity to talk to a fellow student who is shortly heading on to her doctorate in the field of rehabilitation. She usually has the best information and my advisor and head of the programs is her mentor, so she knows all the goings on connected with our office, all the associated degree programs and related fields on campus.

I now have some clues about who to connect with in which departments on our campus to pursue the assistive technology interest which include engineering and computer folks of course, but also occupational therapy and kinesiology. In addition there is another campus of CSU not far from me, that has an assistive technology certificate program that I might be able to use to replace an elective. I intend to do all the research on exactly what, talk to the various professors and then present the new plan to my advisor. I don't think I will be changing the dual option master of counseling goal, but rather substituting for two or three electives, one of which was an independent study.

Last year when I visited Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, I kept thinking about how many of the solutions to various problems were also applicable to an aging population. I must have been stirring this particular mix in my head since then.

The wheels are still mostly spinning in place, but they've found a tiny bit of traction and forward momentum has been put into play.

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