Tuesday, April 19, 2005

some words from the day

6AM (where is the damn snooze button?)

Buzz, chime, chirp, rattle...
... groan;
a new day begins.


2PM (taking a break, and where is the sun?)

Grey morning fog chill
drifting into afternoon;
June gloom in April.


9PM (baby, it's cold outside)

Cold heavy air,
night seeps through the cracks
darkness thickens
and chokes purpose.

9:30PM (same old, same old)

Barest essential words concluded
She reads, they sleep;
Alone in a full house.

11:00PM (enough)

words draped over everything dripping meaning
on the edge of understanding is chaos
become nonsense
leaking out from my fingers


11:55PM (the sillies)

eyelids at half mast
ignoring leno on tv
not sure why I am still sitting here
instead of posting these


6Am was written at 8AM- I have trouble putting two words together at 6; the rest were scattered throughout the day and evening.. I am entirely uncertain as to why.

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