Monday, April 18, 2005

Such talented folks in the world..

Two posts from my blogroll folks to share tonight before I sleep; One is a piece of poetry I enjoyed and the other because it struck a personal chord within.

From Jay at Bird on the Moon: "Everyday, the Choir Sings Here"

From Sacred Ordinary: Loneliness Like A Shroud of Mist
It is as if she and also the author she quotes in the middle of the piece knew something of me... but with words far better than I might find..

Monday is a temporary change of schedule and I will be up and out early (of course I am up late as usual), but also home early which will be nice if I don't collapse on the couch. To sleep now, and hopefully to dream far ranging wonderful dreams.

Rumbling around in my head are snatches of Roberta Flack and "Killing me softly with his song"...

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