Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fantasy White House, politics, conventions...

Oh.. I am smiling. And yes, on this one night a week I almost always try to escape reality and lose myself in the fiction of one television drama. If you are somewhere outside the U.S., like, watch and haven't seen this season of the West Wing, don't read the rest; spoilers ahead..

If this had been the real Democratic convention, the mainstream media would have been in meltdown. Imagine them not knowing before hand who would win...
And of course Senator Santos (Jimmy Smits) had to be the nominee - honest, principled, "his own man".. that speech was great! Leo McGarry (John Spencer) was a nice choice for VP.

IRL I don't think we would ever see anything like that happening in the convention-- the actual best person for the job, the most principled person, winning the nomination; the candidate not decided before the delegates voted??? yeah, right.. But wouldn't that be something to see and so much better than this fiction of conventions we have now??

The countdown to the election next year with the Republican candidate Senator Vinick, played by Alan Alda, could/should be pretty good television. The actors are capable of delivering great performances. It is up to the writers now.

I do so prefer this fantasy White House and the characters to the real ones in D.C.

Back to reality...

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