Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Forward, Fall Back (Daylight Savings Time)

I don't care which the powers that be decide, but I surely wish they would choose one and be done with it. The older I get the more I dislike (intensely dislike and grumble about) moving the clocks around. I am not sure I ever adjust. Autumn changes are tolerable (gaining an hour works much better), but today I will be behind all day long and when midnight comes, it won't feel like midnight. I have enough trouble falling asleep at any reasonable hour without screwing with the hour the clock reads.

In Indiana where I spent my first twenty-eight years of life, they don't have to deal with this other than contacting folks in other time zones. You might think after slightly more than two decades here, I would be more adjusted or at least resigned to it.

Maybe the folks who rise early from sleep, fully awake and ready to go, have fewer problems and it is only those whose natural rhythms are skewed from the norm and trying to operate in a daytime world that runs on clock time, who suffer the most. Then again, maybe I am just whining.

OK, semi-annual rant concluded; back to more positive stuff. ;-)

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