Saturday, April 16, 2005

Amusing pictures and tiny notes of days end...

While randomly surfing, I wound up looking at these pics on a blog far afield from my normal wanderings. The inventions amused me and thought I would share. There really isn't more to say- just go have a look.
I have a client to see mid-morning. I have this narrowed down to giving up two Saturdays a month. It isn't that I want to give up my Saturday, and no one is insisting, but because of her schedule it is the only way to fit in the hours she needs.

This Saturday's main task is teaching her how to make a savings deposit (and running a few errands) and it will be interesting to me to see if her knowledge of making checking account deposits will generalize. She is exceptionally anxious about making a mistake and seldom does important new things without someone along to guide and reassure. For this particular client, I have recently reassessed her attention and anxiety levels for certain kinds of tasks and am readjusting little by little, my approach to guide her. So we will both be learning.

I finally got my prescription refilled, so with a mild chemical nudge, it will shortly be time for sleep.

later edit: I have some new readers and lest they think that I am a condescending sort, I should note that my clients are adults with developmental disabilities.

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