Wednesday, March 31, 2004

tiny update maybe a little bragging...

I checked my grades online yesterday and took a look at my unofficial transcript. I earned a 4.0 out of a total possible 4.0 for the last quarter (that makes several perfect quarters and semesters). :-)

But they have now updated my overall GPA to include the courses from Indiana University in 1970 - when I dropped out too late to actually withdraw or was too lazy to finish all the paperwork, I honestly don't remember. I think I attended only one class on a regular basis. So those two incompletes and the two F's are reflected in the overall GPA.. .. which is now a 3.59. That's what I get for being honest with a question on my University application. That isn't as good as the 3.7 or whatever it was before, but it isn't too bad either. I think the 3.79 or whatever it was (of course I didn't copy that when it was still listed !!) was my work in this current time period although there were two classes that were from 1979. All in all pretty good for someone who forgets what day it is, and what I went into a room for, sometimes.

Increased fees have gone into effect, many classes have been cancelled and future ones are in jeopardy. I was told that a quarter of all full time professors at my campus have not been replaced and there are almost no part timers left either. And that is expected to also increase, meaning fewer classes. My advisor said that they are scrambling to revise the program to include the psych equivalents of counseling classes.

This impacts my first degree completion and it impacts the space available and classes for the MFT program in the fall. I apparently have already been locked out of that. I can apply for the MS in Rehab counseling, which I will consider maybe see if a dual specialization is possible. That deadline has been extended to April 15 and since I am in the undergrad program they know me and I could get special consideration. But those classes are also being impacted. The future of all State University programs are in serious trouble.

If as citizens we don't support higher education for all- as California's master plan for higher education called for, we are limiting our potential draw for future employers in the state and will further depress our tax base. It is something to think about when everyone is competing for budget dollars. Of course there is some mismanagement of University funds that ought to be looked into too- someone besides students or non involved taxpayers should have to pay for that. (Yes, I know it almost never works that way! That doesn't mean I can't make my voice heard here and elsewhere about it!! Accepting the status quo when it is unfair and ought to be changed, just isn't in my nature.)

edited 4/02/04 to add links to CA master plan for higher education and also this one with details about then and now

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