Sunday, March 28, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 60
I say ... and you think ...

  1. Pitbull:: agressive and ruthless people; various designated terrier breeds who can be very loyal.
  2. TD:: touchdown- 6 points; for the QB's mom was a minimum must know; rhymes with CD, reminding me of a gift that touched my soul, leaping walls, opening secret doors..
  3. Carter:: President; admirable post prez life- walks the walk.
  4. Japan:: Islands; home office of the makers of my car
  5. 50:: crossed that line
  6. Streak:: lucky; comet, shooting star, falling star, wish on one..
  7. Rifle:: hunting; not.
  8. Trap:: no way out
  9. Easter:: religious holiday; spring..
  10. Mitt:: catcher's

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